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At Varani Formal Wear, we take pride in making sure that when you leave our store, you will be looking your best in your tuxedo. The most important aspect to looking your best in your Varani Formal Wear tuxedo is making sure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.

Even though the Internet is filled with sizing charts and guides on how to do your own measurements, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that you take this to a professional. Do NOT ask a friend or family member to do this for you. Do NOT go to a tailor or seamstress as their measurements are specific to their line of work and not necessarily to fitting a tuxedo properly. It really IS that important!

Take a copy of our measurement card (click on the link below to print a copy) to your local tuxedo shop and have them fill it out for you. It is a common courtesy in the industry to get customer measurements. Once you have them, you can phone them in, e-mail them to us at, or use the online form below. We'll have the tux waiting for you when you get in to town. If there are any problems with the fit, we can either fix it while you wait, or let us know what hotel you're staying in and we will deliver it to you.

Measurement Card (127KB)

Measurement Card Submission Form

Once you have been measured by a professional, you can either call your measurements in to us at (610) 644.7808 or you can enter the information into the form below.

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